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Press Release

Introducing river cruising on the Seine in 2015

33 new departures, programme from March to November

AMADEUS Diamond in Paris

Lüftner Cruises is expanding further following its very successful market launch on the Rhône & Saône in 2011: In 2015, the cruise programme of Austrian river specialist Lüftner Cruises will take to the waterways of France for an 8-day trip on the Seine.

The AMADEUS Diamond, one of the premium vessels in the AMADEUS fleet, will switch from the Danube to the Seine in the coming year and will undertake 33 trips along the North of France between March and November. The vessel entered into service in 2009 and impresses with its optimal design and timeless elegance as well as offering guests the usual 5-star AMADEUS service.

The 8-day round trip with embarkation and disembarkation in Paris will initially set off in search of the famous masters of impressionism, Gogh, Cezanne and Gaugin, heading downstream from Paris via Rouen and Caudebec-en-Caux to Normandy. Passengers can enjoy a full-day excursion to the impressive Normandy beaches which entered the history books following their lively past during the Second World War. From Rouen, the vessel will then travel upstream to the town of Les Anderlys with its mediaeval Château Gaillard before the route leads back to Paris via Vernon.

Additional programme highlights on the route include a visit to the world-famous Palace of Versailles and a city tour of Paris including a visit to the Louvre. As a special highlight of this cruise in northern France, the programme also includes an impressive evening cruise through France’s illuminated capital with views of the city’s landmark, the 324m tall Eiffel Tower.

The Austrian company Lüftner Cruises has been offering cruises in the South of France for many years. This route is internationally deemed to be one of the most popular routes on European waterways and covers the Rhône and Saône rivers on an 8-day round trip, departing from Lyon. The new programme on the Seine builds on the existing offer and passengers can now enjoy a charming new cruise in France which includes impressive views of the charming landscapes of northern France and in particular France’s artistic and cultural landscape, all in line with the usual high quality AMADEUS standards.

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